Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dancing Queen

Today was Laynie's first day of ballet and tap class at her new dance school. There are about 8-10 girls in this class and the age is 2-4. Her teacher is Ms. Ann and god bless Ms. Ann for having the patients to teach these girls. The class just started in September so Laynie has not missed much and picked up on what the teacher was teaching pretty quickly. We look forward to more classes and look forward to June when she will have her first recital.

Getting ready to leave the house for class

Little Ballerina

tap tap tap your feet

admiring her self in the mirror

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Boys

This past weekend was a wonderful! John, Me and the kids hung out at the house all weekend with friends and family. Sat. night we were going to have people over to watch the texas and texas tech and John was out getting some things ready in the garage and Tanner was helping him it was so cute to see the boys together and doing boy things. I love my guys!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

pumpkin time

This was the first year that we have actually carved out our pumpkins. Laynie thought is was cool and gross all at the same time that she had to clean out the inside of the pumpkin. I forgot how icky it was as well but had a wonderful time getting ready for Halloween with my kidos.

she is telling me eweeee while smiling....so cute!
Mr. T trying to help...sweet boy!!

Our final product...not bad if I do say so myself


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog Name

My friend Krystal one day was telling me that we needed to come up with a catchy name for my blog. I have been racking my brain and even looking at other blogs for ideas. Well today I was bopping around the house and E! was on and as I walked by I heard Keeping up with the Kardashon's and I thought to myself "ha ha keeping up with the Kovacs's, what a show that would be" and then I was like FOR REAL that is it that can be the name of my blog. So I know some of you might not think that it is that big of a deal but to me I it is and I had to share. Yea Krystal I finally have a cute blog name....I know you will appreciate this blog.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday night Fun with my girl

This past Friday night Laynie and I had a blast. She had gone to get her hair cut that Thursday and all she wanted to play from that day on was beauty shop and give everyone in sight a makeover. It was time for mommy's makeover and my hair was brushed, rated, pulled and then every bow, headband and ponytail went into my hair. I finally looked in the bow box to see more and to have John tell me there is no more room in my hair that I gave Laynie a makeover too and here is our final looks of the evening.
Nights like that are the best nights in my book and look forward to many more.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the newest member of the kovacs family....and no I am not pregnant again.

John has a guy at work that breeds labs and we thought it was time that we get Laynie a puppy. We have named her Marley and she is 5 months old. She is already crate and house trained and is doing very well so far wth the kids. Laynie and Tanner both love her. We are looking forward to having our first family pet. These are not the best pictures I had to take them with my phone because my camera batteries ran out but more to come of Marley and the kids.
Marley kissin' Laynie
Tanner and Marley hanging out

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time to lower the crib

I knew this day would come, but I guess I just wanted to hold on to the baby stage a little while longer. Tanner had just woke up from his morning nap and I went to grab a diaper from the new pack that was sitting in the front room and when I returned I saw this....
I did not have my camera but thank goodness for modern technology because I had my phone and snapped with the camera phone. So I guess we know what dad will be doing when he gets home. :-)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Elvis sighting

We could not pass the opportunity up to dress Tanner up for Halloween as Elvis (one of John's favorite people) I can not stop laughing!!!!! He is the cutest Elvis I have ever seen

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be at your back
May the sunshine warm upon your face
May the rain fall softly on your land
Until we meet again
May God hold you in the Palm of your hand

John's 30th B-day

September 21, 2008 My husband turned 30! I surprised him with a trip to Las Vegas for 3 days with some of our friends and family. We had a blast and John had a wonderful 30th birthday. Here is to another 30 years John, I love you~ Steph

The Doctor and The Professor

This morning we were playing in Laynie's room and we decided to play dress up. We had all her dress up things out and went through several different costumes. Then she put on her last one and I had to get the camera out. So could these jobs be in their future......

The Doctor
The professor
stay tuned to find out. :-)
XOXO~ Stephanie

Monday, September 8, 2008

Almost 6 months old

September 12 Tanner will be 6 months old. Can you believe it? I can't! He is growing so fast and is just so precious. He is working so hard to keep that big ol' head up and is now learned to flip from back to front and moves those legs like crazy like he can't wait to start going some where. He is cutting his first tooth and now has a new nickname Sharp Tooth because that sucker is sharp. He is in love with his sister and watches her every move (She goes so fast it is hard to keep up) We go to the Doctor for his six month check up and we hope all goes well and we are on the right track. More to come soon because this little Sharp Tooth is growing fast. XOXO

10 year High School reunion

So this past Sat. night September 6, 2008 I had my 10 year high school reunion. It was a total blast and there was a great turn out with over a 100 + people there. John went with me and thank goodness for my two fave girls from High School bringing there hubbies because we got there and the guys let us loose and they went to the bar and watched football and hung out while we all visited with old friends. It was a great night and I can't wait to see how much we all change in 10 more years.
** Lezlie, Erin and Me**
John, Grady(Lezlie's Husband) and David (Erin's husband)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day Of School

Today was a special day at the Kovacs household. After seven months of staying home with mom, Laynie is going back to school. She is going back to the school she went to while I was working. She will go Mon., Wed., and Friday. She is very excited and ready to learn and play with her friends. She woke up this morning with no trouble and off we went. Her is the big girl in front of the house ready to start her day. Can't wait to pick her up and here all about her first day back at school.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Brother and Sister

So I always knew that Laynie was a great big sister. Even though we have our days. This one day was a great sight and confirmation that I have great kids and that they will be awesome brother and sister pair. Every morning usually starts the same way with Laynie and I going to get Tanner and get him ready to eat breakfast. Laynie and I tell him good morning and then she is off to her room to play while I change his diaper. This particular morning he was in a great mood so I changed his diaper and decided since both kids were fine doing there own thing I would check some email and pay some bills. Our computer is in Tanner's room for the moment and I sit on the floor and do my thing. Like any mom would agree when you hear silence coming from your child's room you are going to check it out because you never know what it is or what is going on. Call Laynie's name and get no response. My back is to the door and I hear Tanner moving around and cooing in his bed. I call Laynie's name one more time and this time I hear giggling and it is not coming from her room it is coming from.........Tanner's crib! Now that did not sound like Tanner giggling so I get up and I see the most precious thing I have ever seen and my daughter telling me that she loves her brother and is the best big sister. This is a priceless picture that I got from that day and this will be a day that I will remember and tell them both when they are older.

Friday, July 25, 2008

LP's First Bike

So Laynie is 3 years old now and for her birthday Grandma and PawPaw got her a bike and helmet. Now it is not just any bike it is a Princess bike and pink and purple helment. Laynie is all about Princess everything right now and her favorite colors are pink and purple. So it was only fitting that she have a Princess bike and pink and purple helmet. Daddy is hard at work trying to teach her to ride and it is a fun thing to watch and make a memory of.
More updates to come on Miss Laynie and her bike riding skills. Thank you Grandman and PawPaw for her gift and we love you very much

My Family

As I was blogging today I was sitting in Tanner's room and he was in his crib just cooing and making the sweet noise he makes and it made me get teary eyed thinking that my wonderful husband and I have two beautiful kids and that we are very lucky. My mom while I was pregnant with each child got me a book and the books are "Mother to Daughter" and "Mother to Son" I look at this books at night reading just a few pages and storing them in the back of my mind. I want to share a few of my favorite with you from each book.
Mother to Daughter:
*Start now to be the kind of mother you always wanted to be. Don't wait until she is eighteen.
*Keep in mind that all she wants to be doing-for the greatest part of her young life-is what you are doing.
*Remember, the traditions you establish now will be passed on to her daughter.
*Never let her question that you love her unconditionally.
Mother to Son:
*Accept the fact that boys and girls are different.
*Don't forget as a baby, he will always be looking for your face. It will be that way forever.
*Watch out when you're changing his diaper. baby boys shoot straight in the air.
*You'll remember his laughter at this age forever.
I am very thankful that God blessed me with a great family and look forward to spending the rest of my life with John and us raising our kids to the best of our ability. Love you all and God Bless!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

First trip to the water park

So with Tanner dropped off at Grandma's, Laynie and I started our special day together to go to the water park with our friends Taylor, Presley and Tegan. We went to Hawaiin Falls and this has to be our new favorite place to go. It has a whole kiddo section with mini water slides for toddlers. Laynie by the end of the day did not even want to ride together anymore. So after a quick lunch/snack we rode the slides for a few more times then back in the car and to Grandma's to pick up brother. Big Sister did not even make it out of the parking lot she was a gonner.


Tanner is already 4 months old, 16 pounds and growing. He is in the 84th percentile for his head so we are really working on tummy time and getting that big ol' head up and steady. Here are some recent pics of him during tummy time and trying so hard to grab the ball.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Summer is here and we are taking full advantage. We recently went out on the boat with some family and Laynie has a new hobby...FISHING. This girl is a fishing queen. She even will hold the fish. Here are some pics of Daddy and his girl and some of all three of us enjoying the summertime weather.

Sea World

So this post is long over due....I must get better about setting aside of time to post more. Well we took our trip to Sea World and it was so much fun and an experience at the same time. I told John after the trip that is how are parents must have felt taking us on vacation...meaning it is a vacation for the kids and still work for the parent (but fun). On our first day at Sea World we were going to watch some shows. Shamu was first on our list and as we sat down and the Whales were swimming in the tank before the show started, Laynie wanted to get in the tank with them and swim with them like Dora and Diego do. That started the first of many fits she would throw that day and the first of many times mommy and daddy wanted to call it quits. We didn't and by the end of the day Sea World was a success. At our hotel Laynie was a regular at the pool and made friends or BEST FRIENDS as she would say with two little girls, they had so much fun playing. Day two we met up with John's sister and her family to hit the water park side of Sea World, this had to be the favorite of our family. They have a whole toddler section of water things to do and we could not get her out of the water. Also my sister in law watched both of our kids and let John and I go on some water slides(Man I have not done that since Wet N' Wild days) It was a blast. I also got to see my best friend Valerie and her boyfriend and we had dinner at the County Line. All in all the Kovacs first family vacation was a success and we can say that we will do it again.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mr. Tanner...the thumb sucker

okay everyone I caught him in the act...yesterday while he was taking his nap I went in to check on him and low and behold his thumb was in his mouth and he was going to town. This is coming from a child who would not take a paci from the minute he was born. I do not know what I am going to do...but look he does look so cute. I know what you all will say...break it now and don't worry John is not having any part of his boy being a THUMB SUCKER!!! LOL!!! but aside from that Tanner is getting so big and looking more and more like Laynie to me and also reminds me of my little brother Jay sometimes. He is starting to smile and the picture of him smiling is blurry but it is the best one I have right now. he will be 3 months on the 12th of June and I can't believe how fast it has already gone. He is a joy to have and I am loving every minute of being his and Laynie's mom.

Day at the Lake

So boating season has started and we enjoyed going this past Sunday with Laynie. She loves the water and is truly a water baby. She kept telling us that she needed to get in the water so she could swim and help resucue the river dolphins (thanks to Deigo). John got her a princess fishing pole and she got to fish for the first time and actually caught a couple of fish, I have those pics on a water camera so will post about that soon. This summer is going to be so much fun boating and fishing.
The next big thing to happen to the Kovacs Family will be our first EVER family vaction to Sea World San Antonio. We leave this next Thrusday and will be there until Sunday. Can't wait to post about that. Until then....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Time Blogger

Let's try this out...Both my kids are down for a nap!!! How that happened, them both being down at the same time is a wonderful treat. I am just hanging out surfing the web while the house is quite and was checking out my friend Taylor's blog and thought I have been meaning to do this and what a perfect time to start. I am really not sure how to blog but I will give it a shot. Here is goes...
So what is new at the Kovacs household? Well, Tanner is getting bigger everyday and watching him change is so much fun. He is starting to smile (even if it is just gas as some people keep telling me) at me. I need to take more pictures of him but poor thing is getting no camera love since being the second child. More of Tanner to come.
Laynie is going to be 3 in July and that blows my mind. She is a very outgoing, fun loving child and it is a joy to watch her play and do all the things she does. As you may know Laynie was a late bloomer when it came to having hair so we just know had to get her hair cut. It is very curly and was growing in the shape of a V and then would afro out when you left it down. So a few days ago my mom (grandma) went with me to get Laynie's hair did. This place was just for kids and let me tell you they really have that place done up. She got to sit in a fire truck chair and watch Charlotte's Web while the lady cut her hair. So for two or three snips of the scissors and all the hair she cut put in a bag and her picture taken we paid a grand total of 20.00...the first and last time I will do that but we have her hair cut and a great memory. Above are some pictures from that day.
Well that is all for now...going to try and get some house work done before one or both kids wake up. This was pretty cool and think it is going to be a great way to share what is going on in our lives. Until next time....XOXO