Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boy Oh Boy

Boy Oh Boy how the time flies. Tanner will be 1 on March 12 and I can hardly believe it. He is coming into his personality (he is so funny) and he is total boy! More of an update on Tanner to come

First Visit to the Dentist

Today we took Laynie to see the Dentist. She was not sure about going at first but when we got there the office was very kid friendly and the staff was awesome. They took her back by herself at first to get her x-rays and to start her cleaning and then I got to come back for the visit with the dentist. She got a great report from he dentist. A b+ for brushing (we have not been flossing so that is why we did not get an A) All of her teeth are coming in great no crowding. So all in all we are on the right track as far as teeth go. We will go back in 6 months with brother next time.

Laynie with the dental assistant and dentist at the end of her visit.

About to start her check up. They have headphone and a dvd player above her head when she lays down so she does not get frightened by the tools sound.