Monday, May 18, 2009

Full of Sillyness

Laynie Kovacs is one silly girl and everyone who has met her can say the same thing. She is always wanting to act out some sort of play or movie she has watched. Her and my mom watch this show called Max and Ruby so now Layine is Ruby and Grandma is Max and every time we go over there is starts calling my mom Max. It is too funny. She is also starting to be a little ham on here own. John recently had surgery on his knee and when we came home he had is whole leg wrapped up and had to have it propped up. Well John had more than one wrap for his knee and laynie asked if she could use it. We said yea and this is what she did with it.

She really likes to help me cook so we will cook breakfast, dinner and even desserts together. I have to tell you Laynie's favorite word is great and Laynie is great at everything (per her) She is a great pour er, she is a great mixer and she is an all around GREAT kid (per momma) I love my little helper and here is her morning favorite is pancakes that i let her use cooker cutters on and make a special pancake. This picture is of two hand pancakes and the chef herself.

Outside Fun

I love that we are now getting to be outside more. Of course it takes us 30 minutes to just get out there. After we put on sunscreen and hats and get Tanner all ready. These pics are from the past few weeks and they were too cute not to share. Laynie and I went to Calloways to plant some flowers in the front and back yard. She is really liking it that she can help more and I love letting her help. Also we have been taking walks 1 to 2 times a day. Laynie like to ride her bike while Tanner is pushed in his stroller. We love our walks and I am looking forward to many more outside fun with my two kids.

Laynie standing right beside our flowers that we were about to plant. Tanner in the back there drinking his milk.

on a bike and stroller ride. (I promise Tanner is in

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I still have so many things that have already happened in our family but here is one of the most recent things that have happened in the Kovacs family. Saturday April 9th we were at my parents house. I was performing with my old high school drill team at the spring show in a alumni dance. We got to perform Friday and Saturday night. Sorry I am rambling but I have to tell the whole story. Friday night Laynie, John and my mom came to the show. My dad and Jay were watching Tanner. About 30 minutes until I was about to perform dad called and said Tanner was crying and had been for about an hour and that John needed to come home so John did not get to see me perform on friday night....but Laynie and Mom did and it was Awesome. Well we were staying the night at mom and dads since I had to perform again Sat. and did not want to drive all the way back to Mckinney. Sat. was a great day and John and I were getting ready to leave for the show about 7:30 and John's phone rang and it was my sister in law so John told me to answer it. It was loud in my parents house so I went outside to hear and Laynie came out with me. Well I was headed back in and waved to Laynie to come back in with me. My parents have a step leading to there door way and there door sits up high with bricks surrounding the frame of the door. Laynie missed that step running back in and when I turned around I saw her sliding into the brick of the door and being a mom before I saw her get up I told her that she needed to slow down and watch what she was doing, then she sat up and low and behold she was bleeding and she had cut open the top of her forehead. So we brought her in side and tried to clean it up and stop the bleeding. We thought we stop it but from the size of the cut it was just holding all the blood and then it just starting spilling out. So No preformace and straight to the ER. from there we were told that she was going to be fine but would need some stitches. My three year old has now got her first scar and is going to be fine. since we came to the ER and got stitches she will have a little scar and since she is not done growing it will more than likely move into her hair line. Oh the joys of motherhood. What will my kids to next to keep me on my toes.

The before shot........sitting at the ER......don't have an after but will before her stitches come out