Friday, August 22, 2008

Brother and Sister

So I always knew that Laynie was a great big sister. Even though we have our days. This one day was a great sight and confirmation that I have great kids and that they will be awesome brother and sister pair. Every morning usually starts the same way with Laynie and I going to get Tanner and get him ready to eat breakfast. Laynie and I tell him good morning and then she is off to her room to play while I change his diaper. This particular morning he was in a great mood so I changed his diaper and decided since both kids were fine doing there own thing I would check some email and pay some bills. Our computer is in Tanner's room for the moment and I sit on the floor and do my thing. Like any mom would agree when you hear silence coming from your child's room you are going to check it out because you never know what it is or what is going on. Call Laynie's name and get no response. My back is to the door and I hear Tanner moving around and cooing in his bed. I call Laynie's name one more time and this time I hear giggling and it is not coming from her room it is coming from.........Tanner's crib! Now that did not sound like Tanner giggling so I get up and I see the most precious thing I have ever seen and my daughter telling me that she loves her brother and is the best big sister. This is a priceless picture that I got from that day and this will be a day that I will remember and tell them both when they are older.