Monday, January 19, 2009

Tanner and Daddy Dancing

John and Tanner were in the kitchen the other night I this is what I caught John teaching him. It was too cute! Tanner loves to dance and I am starting to think Daddy does too!

We had a Visitor

Ok so this has been a long time coming for our household and for Laynie. She is 3 and will be 4 in July and was still using a Paci. She did have rules for the Paci and she knew them well. Only in our house (was supposed to be just nap or nighttime, but she used them all day) and no Paci's in public. She also would have this little problem of when she wanted to play or talk she would toss or hide the paci and we could not find them. So we did not have any paci's for about 4 weeks and we thought that would be our way to get her to stop using them. WELL...She was in the Garage one day with her daddy and she got out one for her princesses bikes that has a seat you can lift up and low and behold there were 5 paci's in there. It was like she had one the lottery...I wish you could have seen her face. So now we were back to the whole paci issue and I did not have any idea how I was going to take this thing away for my little girl. It was getting so bad that my dad was like "what are you going to do when she is a teenager? I don't think they make paci's for teenagers!" LOL Dad! Now my friend Taylor was going through the same thing with her daughter and told me that they got a visit from the paci fairy. She told me all the details and I decided that was going to be the best thing for us as well. So this past Friday January 16, 2009 we got ready for the paci fairy to visit the Kovacs household. We had to get all the paci's we could find and get a envlope ready. Then Laynie needed to put the Paci's in the mail box so the Paci fairy could come and get them and in return leave a few treats behind for Laynie. The Paci fairy came and at the front door the next morning was a sack full of goodies for Laynie. It has been 3 full days of no paci's and the first night was the hardsest. She told John and I after she put the package in the mail that she thinks she was just joking about giving her paci's to the paci fairy. :-) and then in the middle of the night (we were having a family camp out the living room this same night) I woke up to her fiddling around on the mattress and she found the remote for the tv and as she was sleeping but the remote in her mouth and started sucking. I could not stop laughting. The only other thing that has been said by Miss. Laynie about her paci is this morning when I asked her how she slept and she said not very well and when I asked her why she said her heart was breaking for her paci's. Oh my what kids will say. I told her I was proud of her and that she did a very good thing by giving the paci fairy all those paci's and that was that. So Long paci's and Here is to Laynie becoming a big girl.

Giving the paci (or should I say paci's) one last suck

All fo the paci's ready for the envlope to give to the paci fairy

Helping Mom put the paci's in the envlope

Moment of truth

Yea What a big girl she did it and she was so proud

Friday, January 16, 2009

long time no blog

I know it has been a while but with the holidays and everyone in my family getting sick I just have not found the time to get on here but I can promise you this weekend I am going to update with Christmas pics and just some updates on our family. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and Here is to an Amazing 2009!

Christ Love,