Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dancing Queen

Today was Laynie's first day of ballet and tap class at her new dance school. There are about 8-10 girls in this class and the age is 2-4. Her teacher is Ms. Ann and god bless Ms. Ann for having the patients to teach these girls. The class just started in September so Laynie has not missed much and picked up on what the teacher was teaching pretty quickly. We look forward to more classes and look forward to June when she will have her first recital.

Getting ready to leave the house for class

Little Ballerina

tap tap tap your feet

admiring her self in the mirror

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Boys

This past weekend was a wonderful! John, Me and the kids hung out at the house all weekend with friends and family. Sat. night we were going to have people over to watch the texas and texas tech and John was out getting some things ready in the garage and Tanner was helping him it was so cute to see the boys together and doing boy things. I love my guys!