Thursday, October 1, 2009

PreSchool Update

Laynie has been in school now for one month. She is doing well and really likes it. They do a circle time everyday and the do what is called a calendar routine: date, month, year, days of the week, tracking the number of school days, weather, songs, alphabet review, number concept. They also have story time, activities which include making a craft of using there hands and have learning centers like home living, reading, blocks, cars, play dough, writing and the felt board (which is Laynie's favorite) Chapel and Spanish class are rotated every other day and Laynie really likes both of those. She came home the other day and told us it was her turn to hold the bible on the way to chapel. She was so proud. Class pictures are coming up this week can't wait to get the very first school picture ever to keep and then show off when she is older. lol. Looking forward to watching Laynie learn and grow in this experience and get ready for the big K.....Kindergarten.
p.s. a special thank you to three people for what they do. You know who you are. We love you
More updates to come and of course a blog with the first ever school photo. Until then. Peace and Love

One the way to school one morning wanted me to take a picture of her

Cheese i don't want to take my picture anymore I want to go to school

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krystlemott said...

She is such a doll... love her to pieces.